Outback - Catering Menu refresh

Refreshing the menu and its design is one of the key strategies employed by the restaurant to delight its customers and tantalize their taste buds. We had the pleasure of providing our creative services for this F&B client’s menu revamp. In addition to the main menu, we were also entrusted with developing their Christmas menu to celebrate the festive season. The experience was fantastic as we collaborated with the brand’s chef, utilized the restaurant space for setup, and enlisted the expertise of food stylists and photographers. Within a single day, we successfully captured all the visuals required for the menu, ensuring a visually appealing and enticing menu presentation.

Our services for this project included:

  • Art direction 
  • Layout design 
  • Pre-shooting preparation
  • Photography & Food Styling (Alice Ngan) 
  • Photo retouch 
  • Artwork development

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